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Top 5 Advantages Of eLearning For Your Employees

eLearning definitely gives you a lot of benefits not only saves your company money but also boosts employee morale and better fits the need of your rising company. Here’s how. 1. Reduces your company money Let’s focus on this one. eLearning is simply more cost-effective for a larger employee audience. You’re reducing fees for trainers […]

Things to consider when choosing online learning platform

The most important thing is to divide features that are important for administrators and those for users since those two groups use learning management systems in a different way and with a different purpose. Features for Administrators: A clean and simple User Interface (UI) A common misconception of start-ups is assuming your end-user has the […]

How learning online help students

If you are reading this post you are probably toying with the idea of signing up for an online course but perhaps you don’t have enough experience if studying online is the right thing for you. The question that you should do to yourself in these kinds of decision is: “Should I take my next course online or […]

Social Emotional Learning-How it can impact your Organisation!

What is SEL? Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process whereby students and adults understand and manage emotions. SEL provides a base for children and adults alike to learn, grow and become more confident in a social setting. Now, before you stop reading, think about how SEL could impact your organization.  Are your employees satisfied in […]

How learning online helps grow your leadership skills

There is no way you didn’t hear the phrase “a born leader” that is being used to describe someone who is good at leading and seems that he was equipped naturally to do that. The truth is that people are not born leaders. Leaders always find a way to lead, most leaders say that learning […]

The new Opentute LMS App is out!

Opentute is proud to announce the upgrade of our FREE Opentute app at https://apps.apple.com/au/app/opentute/id1381123578. Not only can you access your learning, channels and messages on any white label Opentute LMS but you can also engage with our growing community and sell training at https://hub.opentute.com. Why a mobile-first learning management system? We are more time-poor than ever so […]

Opentute vs. Teachable

Opentute vs. Teachable: In SummaryLet’s get right down to it: Opentute boasts dozens of must-have features that Teachable doesn’t have.  Here’s just a quick list of a few of these features that our course creators tell us they can’t run their businesses without:1. Kick off your course site with professionally designed site and course landing […]

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